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BOOK: The Kellers of Talheim and New Berlin

Description of Book: The Kellers of Talheim and New Berlin by Thomas G. Wack, 1993. 236 pp. with index of 3000 names, photos, maps, list of sources. Covers 10 generations and over 350 years of the Keller family from Talheim in Hegau in southwestern Germany, between the Black Forest and the Bodensee, and the story of the Josef Keller family from Talheim to New Berlin, Illinois, and throughout the United States. Such collateral families as Arndt, Murphy, Geiger, Wack, Kroger, Bachmann, Maier, Gebhart Stephan, Tovsen, and Dietrich. Price for the book is still $15 which includes postage. To contact the author:

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