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Allen Tidbits

References I used to obtain My Allen Descendant Chart: 1. Family recollections 2. Avant Jr, David A., SOME SOUTHERN COLONIAL FAMILIES VOL. II 3. Melton, Lt. Col. Wm. Allen, LEDGER-DIARY 4. DREWRY ALLEN VOL I & II, CS71.A43 1990 5. Miller, Norma, THE ALLENS OF THE SOUTHERN STATES 6. Lucas, Rev. Silas Emmett, Jr., SOME GEORGIA COUNTY RECORDS, VOL 4 7. Family tree from Wayne Dunn ( Bridget Plunkett ( ====================================================== NOTE 1: The following material was sent to me by Sheila J. Young ( who has graciously given me permission to post on my web page. NOTE 2: References for the following notes are listed at end of this document. ------------------------------------------------------- *** Family of Robert Allen IV and Elizabeth Anderson.*** -------------------------------------------------------- [3:5] ROBERT ALLEN, b. in NC; d. in GA. Received a grant of land for his services as a REV. SOLDIER of NC. Married (1) near Hepzibah, GA, Elizabeth Anderson (Dau. of Elisha Anderson, and his wife, Miss Brack). Children: 1. Martha, m. Judge William Rhodes 2. Jane, m. Edmund Palmer 3. Elizabeth, m. (as (1) wife), Alexander Murphy 4. Rosa, m. Benjamin Wooding 5. Polly Crawford 6. Sarah 7. Jackson 8. Emily 9. Robert A., m. (1) Priscilla Wood; m.(2) Caroline Walker, widow 10. Elisha A., m. Jeanette Evans (dau. of Daniel Evans) ROBERT ALLEN m. (2) __________ Child: 1. Hattie, m. Henry Washburne of Savannah, GA (From "Lost Arcadia" by Clark) ______________ This "Lost Arcadia" is a book by Walter A. Clark. I came across the reference to it before this in relation to the Whitehead family of Burke County, GA, but was unable to get it on inter-library loan. ______________ [5:8] shows this same family as above with the exception of 7.Jackson (prob), m. Lucy B. Seals, Hancock Co., GA, Dec. 7, 1831. ______________ [4:379-422] "Richmond County, Georgia Marriage Licenses, 1785-1849" p379-ALLEN, Elisha A. and Janet J. Evans Jan. 14, 1840 " -ALLEN, Robert, and Eliz. Anderson June 15, 1798 (A few comments. In the second entry (the first on Elizabeth Allen) the date should of course read Jan. 2, 1808. That's what was printed in the book. However, I think it should be 1809. The second entry for her is when Robert was appointed administrator of her estate and dated in Nov., 1808. He could not very well give the court returns on her estate BEFORE he was legally the Adm. Since the date is so close to the beginning of the year, maybe it was a case similar to what most people do in today's world - write the wrong year on the first couple of checks, etc. that they write.) " -ALLEN, Robert A.,and Pricilla M. Ward Jan. 10, 1828 " -ALLEN, William, and Eliz. Calhoun May 27, 1809 " -ALLEN, Young, and Jane Anderson Feb. 24, 1804 [1:201] p387-COLLINS, Lewis, and ___?___ Allen Jan. 2, 1799 p393-FOUNTAIN, Kindred, and Polly Crawford (no Allen) Mar. 20, 1845 p395-GRANGER, Benj., and Sarah Allen Sept. 23, 1830 p403-McCOLLOUGH, Samuel, and Margaret Allen Jun 26, 1816 p406-MURPHY, Alexander, and Eliz. Allen Jan. 22, 1823 " -MURPHY, Alexander, and Eliza Kidlaw Nov. 15, 1827 p408-PALMER, Edmund, and Jane Allen Feb. 18, 1819 " -PALMER, Edmund, and Laura M. Antony Jul 26, 1837 p411-RHODES, Wm. J., and Martha Allen Dec. 14, 1819 " -RHODES, Wm. J., and Mariah E. Crawford Sept. 29, 1847 p419-WARDLAW,David L.,and Sarah Rosalie Allen Jan. 13, 1825 p422-WRIGHT, John, and Emily Allen Feb. 13, 1848 NOTE: No Wooding marriage found; and which Sarah Allen is the right one? Other doubles are obvious second marriages. ________________ [1:135-200]"Richmond County, Georgia Original Marriage Bonds, 1785-1830" PARAPHRASE OF INTRODUCTION: Entries taken from original bonds at office of Judge of Court of Ordinary. A page number in entry indicates it came from "Minutes of Inferior Court, 1791-1813" The law to record marriages in Georgia passed in 1806 . . . no actual marriage returns before then. NOTE: each entry from above will be followed by an entry from this source: [1:201-219] "Richmond County Marriages, 1813-1839" including a few returns from earlier marriages. This should cut down on confusion (?), time and space! [1:136] ALLEN, Robert and Elizabeth Anderson, June 13, 1796; David Allen, Sec. By Absolom Rhodes. No entry in marriage section [1:136] ALLEN, Young and Jane Anderson, Feb. 24, 1804; Robt. Allen, Sec. [1:201] ALLEN, Young and Jane Anderson, Feb. 26, 1804 [1:137] ALLEN, William and Elizabeth Calhoun, May 27, 1809; Robert Allen, Sec. By John Collins, J. P. [1:201] ALLEN, William and Elizabeth Calhoun, June 1, 1809 NOTE: Warren, Mary Bondurant, MARRIAGES AND DEATHS 1763 TO 1820 ABSRTACTED FROM EXTANT GEORGIA NEWSPAPERS, (Heritage Papers, Danielsville, GA, 1968), p2 shows: ALLEN, William G. & CALHOUN, Miss Eliza, both of Richmond Co., m. 6/1/1809 by John Collins, esq. MOT 6/5/1809 [Mirror of the Times, an Augusta newspaper], AC 6/3/1809 [Augusta Chronicle] [1:147] COLLINS, Lewis and ___ Allen, Jan. 2, 1799; Major [his name!]C. Collins, Sec.Tilman S. Dixon, Test. No entry in marriage section. [1:178] MURPHY, Alex. and Elizabeth Allen, Jan. 22, 1823; Edward Carswell, Sec. Isaac Herbert, C.C.O. No entry for this marriage in the second section but... [1:210] MURPHEY, Alexander and Eliza Kidlaw, Nov. 15, 1827 [in second section.] [1:185] RHODES, William J. and Martha Allen, Dec. 14, 1819; Edward Carswell, Sec. Isaac Herbert, C.C.O. No entry in the Marriage section. From Second Section (Marriages) Only: [1:206] GRANGER, Benjamin and Sarah Allen, Sept. 23, 1830 [1:212] PALMER, Edward and Jane Allen, Feb. 18, 1819 [1:217] WARDLAW, David L. and Sarah R. Allen, Feb. 13, 1825 ____________ That concludes the marriages for the Robert IV family and part of the Robert III family Incidentally, these dates are NOT the actual death dates in most cases. These are the dates that the court "did its thing", which in these cases, the earliest dates are when the court appointed the administrators, appraisers, accepted the security bond payments, etc. All of this means that both of these people died intestate (without wills). The problem is sorting out the records for Robert III and Robert IV. Since Robert III died in 1801, these records all probably pertain to Robert IV, but I'm having a hard time seeing a young boy as a Revolutionary War Vet! Since Robert III and Elizabeth were married about 1761 in your records (I don't have a marriage date for them), and their daughter Lucy was born in 1762, we can assume that the next child was born about 1763-64. If this child was Robert IV (eldest son named after father; also indicated by the fact that he was administrator of both his parents' estates), he would have been only 12 in 1776, and about 17 or 18 when the war ended. So may be he only enlisted towards the end? Episode 2 [7:7] ALLEN, Robert (RS-NC) m/1 Elizabeth Anderson NOTE: See GA RS - same publisher As you can see, this does not give much information, except to confirm that he enlisted in North Carolina. He also saw service in Georgia. Does this mean that the Allen family was living in NC until the Rev. was nearly over? The "NOTE" refers to reference 5 above. __________________ [8:np#] ALLEN, Robert, b c 1735 VA d c 8-3-1801 GA m Elizabeth __________ Pvt GA This DAR record does not indicate service in NC. There are no other Roberts that could be Robert III or IV in the INDEX. Nor are there any in the PENSION FILES. __________________ [AC, Aug 2, 1788, p1, c3] GEORGIA. Burke County In COURT, March 21, 1788. Ordered,That a copy of the presentments of the Grand Jury of this Term be transmitted to the Executives by the Clerk. At a Superior Court begun and holden on Tuesday the 18th March 1788, at Waynesborough, in and for the county of Burke, before his Honor Henry Osborne, Esqr., Chief justice, and the Honorable David Emanuel, Thomas Lewis, and Hugh Lawson, Assistant Justices for the said county . . . . . . . . 12th. On the information of Thomas Jones we present John Sherman and Blassingame Harvey, Sen., for suffering Thomas Ford to escape, and Jacob Boasman to be released from custody, who were apprehended and proved to have harboured Benjamin Allen and one Proctor, who from many circumstances, were concerned in the murder of Spurlock, Sykes, and his family. . . . . 19th. On the information of Francis Boykin, William Neal, and William Harte, We present Jonathan Kemp, Joseph Hampton, and Robert Allen for not opening the road ordered to be laid out from the Chickasaw ford, on Briar creek, to the county line on Mac Bean, of which they are Commissioners. . . . . [AC, Nov 1, 1788, p2, c3] AUGUSTA. ) November 1. GEORGIA ) BURKE COUNTY ) October Term, 1788 In the Superior Court, . . . . 5th. We present Jonathan Kemp, Robert Allen, and Joseph Hampton, Commissioners of the road from the Ouaker road to McBean's, for their not opening and clearing said road. NOTE: There are many more references to Robert Allen in the Index to the Augusta Chronicle, one of which was the administration of an estate in January, 1800. However, I didn't have time to go through all the files in the limited time I had at Reece Library in Augusta. __________________ [11:6] Veteran: ALLEN, Robert Residence: Burke County Lottery: 1827 Lot #: 18 District #: 11 Section #: -- County: Carroll Granted: May 1, 1843 NOTE: the intro to this book states: "Belated recognition of the services of all Revolutionary veterans was made by the act of June 9, 1825, eatablishing the Fifth Land Lottery of 1827. Every veteran with three years residence in Georgia was allowed three draws if unmarried or four draws if married, regardless of where he had enlisted or in what regiment he had fought. The two additional draws, less any fortunate draw in the Third Land Lottery [Act of Dec. 15, 1818 for the 1820 Lottery], were available to every veteran who could take the following prescribed oath before the registering officials, namely: I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I served as a soldier in the armies of the United States during the Revolutionary War a tour or tours of duty, and am entitled to a draw or draws according to the provisions of this Act; so help me God. I don't have a copy of the recipients of the 1820 Land Lottery, so I don't know if Robert had a successful draw in it or not. The above entry would seem to indicate Robert IV was alive as late as 1843, Unless one of his children took possession of the lot. I don't know what the protocal was for such a thing. __________________ [12:214] The Le Conte List "Surveyor General's Book A" ALLEN, ROBERT, 287 1/2 acres, Washington Co., bounded N.E. vacant,S.E. Asa Emanuel, S.W. Oconee river, N.W. Howell, lot 881. Warrent 1419. June 7, 1784. p. 287. [12:239] Do "Surveyor General's Book B" EMANUEL, ASA, 287 1/2 acres, Washington Co., bounded N. Wm. Blanchard, E. Oconee river, S. Robert Allen, W. vacant, survey 617. June 9, 1784. Warrant 1904, p. 210. [12:263] Do "Surveyor General's Book F" HOWELL, DAVID, 287 1/2 acres, Washington Co., bounded N. vacant, E. Robt. Allen, S. Oconee river, W. Robt. Patterson, survey 293. June 7, 1784, p 149. [12:375] "Certified List of Georgia Troops - Appendix E: Georgia Soldiers of the Line-Revolutionary War." ALLEN, Charles ALLEN, Robert ALLEN, James ALLEN, Thomas ALLEN, John ALLEN, William ALLEN, Moses, Captain. [12:397] Robert Allen is on the list of men who received Bounty Warrants for Revolutionary service. _________________ In the 1820 Census Index for Georgia, there are 2 Robert Allens in Burke County, 1 in Richmond County, 1 in Greene County, and a Robert T. in Columbia County. I have done no research in the census records on microfilm for Robert. _________________ [13:407]Transcript of 1820 Census, Burke Co, Georgia Robert Allen: 1 male (45 + up) Robert IV 1 male (10 - 16) Elisha or Jackson? 1 female (45 + up) Elizabeth 2 females(16 - 26) Elizabeth (m 1823) Sarah/Rose/Emily ??? 1 female (10 - 16) Mary ? (b 1812) 3 male slaves 14 - 26; 2 male slaves under 14 5 female slaves over 45; 1 (26-45); 4 under 14 5 people engaged in Commerce, none in agriculture!? [13:378] Ditto: Robert Allen: 1 male (10 - 16) Robert A., son of Robert IV? 1 male slave over 45, 1 female slave over 45 and 1 male slave under 10; 3 people engaged in commerce (none in agriculture!?) Four houses before this last Robert is the family of Dan'l J. Evans: 1 male over 45 1 male 26-45 2 males under 10 1 female 26-45 1 female 16-26 1 female under 10 8 male slaves and 7 female slaves; 9 people engaged in Commerce, none in agriculture!? Since everyone in these three households is engaged in commerce, they must have lived in town, probably Waynesboro. ______________________________ One thing I wanted to point out about the Revolutionary records in Episode 2 - It appears that both Roberts were Rev. War Vets, doesn't it? The entry marked [7:7] would appear to apply to Robert IV and the one marked [8:np#] seems to apply to Robert III. The Burke County ground most probably belonged to Robert IV as it appears that Robert III remained in Richmond County. But, I'm not sure about the Bounty land in Washington County. Washington County abutted both Richmond and Burke. Episode 3 First thing, I want to send the info on Elizabeth Anderson, wife of Robert IV: [8:np#] Elisha Anderson b. c. 1750 VA d. c. 1828 GA md. (1) Elvina Brack (2) Miss Caldwell (3) Mrs. Sarah (Halzendorf) Rheney Sol GA No claims were made on the service of Elisha - at least none are listed in Ref 9. [12:22] "Certificates of Service in the American Revolution" ANDERSON, ELISHA. Refugee Soldier. Certificate of Brig. John Twiggs, 14 April 1784. Prays for bounty land in Washington Co. [12:311] "The Le Conte List - Surveyor General's Book L" ANDERSON, ELISHA. 575 acres, Washington Co., bounded E. Jas. Freeman, other sides vacant. Cut E & W by Big creek, survey 427. March 16, 1785. p 239. [This page number refers to that in Book L.] [13:375] 1820 Federal Census, Burke Co, Georgia [transcript] Elisha Anderson [on first page of enumeration] 1 male (26 - under 45) Elisha 1 male (under 10) 1 female (26 - under 45) 2 females (under 10) 1 male slave under 14; 1 female slave 45 or older; 2 people in family engaged in agriculture. This is most probably Elisha Anderson, Jr., though the census does not make that distinction. Also, I find that this transcript has an extra column from the standard census extraction forms that I had put Robert Allen's information on. That means that when I told you in the last episode that so many in this or that household were engaged in commerce, it should have been in agriculture! That makes more sense, since they owned so much land in Burke County. Sorry about the misinformation. It REALLY pays to recheck ALL information you get -- even when you get it from your own notes!!! [13:383] Do. Elisha Anderson [0n page 13 of enumeration] 1 male (45 or older) Elisha 1 female (26 - under 45) Sarah ? 1 female (10 - under 16) 2 females (under 10) 11 male slaves under 14; 1 male 14-26; 8 males 26-45; 1 male 45 or older; 2 females 14-26; 6 females 26-45. 20 people in household engaged in agriculture. This is obviously Elisha, Sr., though the Census does not make the distinction. _______________________________ [1:23] "Richmond County, Georgia Wills 1798-1840" BRACK, ELEAZER--Page 13--"very sick", wife Esther life estate to go to my two daus. at her death. Dau. Elvina Anderson, dau. Rachel Calhoun. Grandchild Jean Triplett a slave for money due her father's estate from me. Elijah Anderson and Robert Allen, Excrs. Signed Oct. 8, 1801, probated Apr. 5, 1802. Wit: Elisha Anderson, Jean Triplett. As shown above, Elvina Brack was the first wife of Elisha Anderson. This will shows she was still alive as late as April 5, 1802. Elijah Anderson mentioned in the will above was married to Lavina Brack, but where they fit into this family is unknown at this time. They may have been the parents of my Jane. I do know that they were close to the ages of Elisha and Elvina, but they definitly are a different set of people -- not misspellings or mispronounciations. Rachel Brack married first Francis Triplett (date unknown) and had three children, Jean(who as Jenny Triplett got a marriage bond with Lewis Lee on 22 Feb. 1802 in Richmond County, GA.) The other two children were boys -- Francis and Daniel -- both minors when their father died, and on 3 Nov 1806, in Richmond Co., GA, both chose relatives as guardians -- which indicates that they may have reached the age of 14, when minors were allowed to chose their own guardians. Rachel had gotten a marriage bond with William Calhoun on 8 Feb. 1792 in Richmond County. ____________________________ [12:25] "Certificate of Service in American Revolution" BRACK, ELEAZER. Certificate of Gen. John Twiggs, 14 April, 1784. Entitled to a bounty, and prays for same in Washington Co. Appoints Mr. Elijah Anderson receiver of same. [12:254] "Bounty Surveys - Surveyor General's Book F" BRACK, ELEAZER. 287 1/2 acres, Washington Co., bounded N. Williamson's Swamp Creek, other sides vacant, survey 116. Mar. 26, 1785. p. 60 NOTE: There is a Benjamin Brack in all these records who may have been the brother of Eleazer. Benjamin lived on the "Brack Plantation" near Midville in Burke County, GA most of his adult life. He is buried there, along with several people who are most probably members of his family. _____________________________ [14:198-99] RHODES-ALLEN CEMETERY, Hepzibah, GA., Richmond County Brack, Eleazer age 74 y Oct 11, 1801 See Clark, pp 18 & 35; also note at end of this cemetery listing (ed.) Miller, Infant nd nd of B.B. & R.S. Note: A still born infant of Rosa S. Anderson (Morrison) and Dr. B.B. (ed.) Rhodes, Martha age 19 y Jne 9 1841 d/o Wm. J. & Martha Rhodes, Mrs. Martha Allen age 44 y Jne 30 1843 w/o Wm. J. d/o Elizabeth Anderson & Robert Allen (See note at end of this cemetery listing). See also Clark, for Robert Allen and some of his descendants. (ed.) Rhodes, Mrs. Mary J. age 21y 2m May 14 1860 10d Rhodes, Robert A. age 25y 10m Apr 19 1860 11d Rhodes, William J. Jan 13 1799 Jan 23 1866 s/o Nancey Murphey & Aaron. See Clark, pp 47-49 & 52 for his life and some of his descendants. (ed.) Note: This old walled cemetery contains some internal evidence which suggests that it was early an Anderson-Allen cemetery. Elisha Anderson, Sr., married first a sister or daughter of Eleazer Brack, which accounts for Brack's burial there. Their only child, Elizabeth Anderson, married Robert Allen of plow fame. Rosa Anderson, mother of the Miller infant, was also a daughter of Elisha Anderson, Sr., but a half-sister of Elizabeth Anderson Allen. Later, one daughter of Robert Allen, Elizabeth, married Alexander Murphey, which might account for our finding an "E.M." footstone (which no longer has a headstone), and another daughter, Martha Allen, married Wm. J. Rhodes, thereby adding another family dimension. Against this background one might speculate that the nine now-unmarked brick graves, all in one part of the cemetery, include Elisha Anderson, Sr., and three of his four wives, Elizabeth Anderson Allen and perhaps an unmarried daughter of hers. Robert Allen, however, moved to Columbia County after his second marriage, and is believed to be buried there. Clark referred to this old cemetery as the Allen cemetery. Reese designated it as the old Rhodes cemetery. (ed.) _____________________ NOTE: I think the editors have the three Nancys all mixed up! Nancy (Rhodes) Murphey, b 30 May 1764, d 12 Aug 1825 married Edmond Murphey in 1785, Nancy (Collins) Murphey (1787-1819) married Nicholas Murphey in 1805, Nancy Ann (Murphey) Rhodes, (d 1822 aged 47) who married Aaron and was the daughter of Nancy and Edmond. Aaron Rhodes was born in 1805, so no way could he have been the father of Judge William J. Rhodes who married Martha Allen in 1819!! However, Mrs. Mary McTyeir, who died in 1830, names her brother Absolom Rhodes and his children. William J. was one of the children; another was Nicholas. They would be the sons of Absolom, Sr., and his first wife, whose name is unknown at this time. Nancy and Aaron were the parents of a son named William, just not the one who was married to Martha Allen. _______________________ Now, back to the Andersons: [14:311-12] McCULLERS-ANDERSON Cemetery (Burke Co) This cemetery has been denuded of its tombstones. According to uncomfirmed information, it originally had markers on McCullers, Andersons and Greenwoods. With this as a basis we have supplied below genealogical data obtained from the Elisha Anderson, Jr., family Bible. We cannot assert that this is a complete list of those buried in this cemetery, or that all listed below are interred there. (ed.) Anderson, Elisha, Jr. nd Dec 24 1825 s/o Mary Holzendorf & Elisha, Sr. Clark, pp 35-37. Anderson, James Jan 12 1816 d. young s/o Jane H.M. & Elisha, Jr. Clark, pp36-37. Anderson, Jane Harriet Jne 15 1796 Aug 17 1849 /McCullers w/o Elisha, Jr. md. June 27, 1811 Note: Onr daughter, Sarah M., who married Edmond B. Gresham, is buried in the Waynesboro Confederate cem. (ed.) Anderson, Louisa Elisha April 15 1821 nd Never married. Clark, p37. Anderson, Mary H. Jul 8 1814 Oct 6 1815 d/o Jane H.M. & Elisha, Jr. Greenwood, Harriet Elizabeth Apr 2 1824 May 26 1876 w/o Henry D. md Dec 6, 1843 d/o Jane H.M. & Elisha, Jr. Clark, pp 37 & 164-65. Greenwood, Henry D. Mar 20 1822 May 7 1876 See Clark, pp 164-65.) Greenwood, John A. Sep 16 1844 Jne 20 1881 only s/o Harriet & Henry D. Never married. Clark, p 165. Harris, Rosa Anderson Jul 18 1823 OCT 28 1854 w/o Elijah M. md May 27 1840. d/o Jane H.M. & Elisha, Jr. Clark, pp 36-37. Note: The family Bible is in possession of Jane Gresham McLeod, Summerville, S.C. An extract of the genealogical data has been deposited in the Burke County Library. (ed.) [14:184] MILLER Cemetery (Burke County) Miller, Baldwin Buckner MD Oct 31 1798 Feb 24 1873 s/o Frances Mann & Richard Miller, King & Queen Co., Va. Moved to GA 1823 after studying medicine at Univ. of Penn. md (1) Rosa Anderson (Morrison), ( 2) Cornelia E. Polhill (ed.) Miller, Benjamin F. Aug 17 1867 May 18 1875 s/o Dr. B.B. & Cornelia E. Miller, Infant nd nd of B.B. & Rosa A. Miller, Rosa Anderson Morrison c. 1799 1851 w/o (1) John Morrison; (2) Dr. Baldwin B. Miller. She was d/o Mary Holzendorf (Glenn Co.) & Elisha Anderson, Sr., and sis/o James Anderson, Sr., Elisha, Jr., & Augustus H., Sr. m/o Sarah A. Morrison (Dowse), Robert Morrison, Frances M. Miller(Schley) & B.B. Miller,Jr.(ed.) Miller, Rosina S. Jne 5 1832 Jul 12 1832 d/o Dr. B.B. & Rosa A. Schley, Baldwin Miller c. 1847 1870 s/o Frances Miller & Henry J. b. Burke Co., but came to manhood in Texas; d at his grandfather's plantation in Burke Co(ed.) Schley, Eliza Mar 5 1848 Oct 29 1851 d/o Frances Miller & Henry J. Schley, Henry Apr 22 1850 Sp 7 1850 s/o Frances Miller & Henry J. Schley, Rosa A. Sep 7 1854 Aug 13 1855 d/o Frances Miller & Henry J. Notes: 1) Parents of the four Schley children are buried in the Wharton cemetery, Wharton, TX. Frances Mann Miller, d/o Dr. B.B. & Rosa Anderson (Morrison), was born Jul 30 1828, d 1901. Henry Jackson Schley s/o of Gov. Wm. Schley. See his sketch in Meyers, p 1670. (ed.) 2) B.B. Miller, Jr., b Oct 21 1835, md c.1859 Vannah Chew of Augusta, d TX c.1869. Their two children did not reach adulthood. His widow married Henry Landrum of Augusta. For additional data on the Millers, see Hepzibah cemetery, Clark, pp 36,37 & 126, and Hillhouse, pp 1-47.(ed.) _________________________ Sources quoted in the above selections are: Clark, Walter A., A LOST ARCADIA OR THE STORY OF MY OLD COMMUNITY,(self-published, Augusta, GA, 1909) Hillhouse, A.M., THE MILLER, POLHILL, AND OTHER FAMILIES, unpublished MS, Chicago, IL, 1936) Myers, Robert Manson, THE CHILDREN OF PRIDE, Yale University Press, New Haven, CT, 1972) __________________________ Since I have most of the info on Martha Allen and W.J. Rhodes already in this letter, I will finish what I know: I'm pretty certain that William J. was the son of Absolom Rhodes, Sr. and his first wife. A bsolom was an early Justice of the Peace in Richmond Co, GA. William J. was a Judge, but I don't know when he began in that office. In March, 1808, he rented a house from the estate of John Rhodes (d bef Jan 6, 1808), who could have been an uncle or a brother. This house was located near Bedford in Richmond Co. By 1820, he is enumerated in the Burke Co Census, and is in the 1855 Burke Co Tax Digest. I have only the transcript of this in Ref 13. For some reason, the authors did not head the columns of the chart they made, so I haven't a clue as to what is what, other than that William owned several thousand acres of land! One would have to refer back to the original records, if they're still available. =================================== Episode 4 After I reread the Murphey-Rhodes stuff, I decided it didn't make much sense! The editors of GRAVE MARKERS IN BURKE COUNTY showed Nancy Ann (Murphey) Rhodes d. Oct 26, 1822 at age 47, which would put her birth 1774-75. In their notes, they said Clark gave her death as Oct 6, 1833. They said her husband Aaron Rhodes b.1805 and was not buried in the cemetery with her and that the couple had two children, William J. and Lavina. Logic says that a man b. 1805 would not marry a woman so much older than him and certainly could not produce two kids before she died in 1822! So I went back to the books, and this is what I found. [4:411] "Richmond County Marriage Licenses" Rhodes, Aaron and Nancy Anne Murphey, Dec 24, 1794 Rhodes, Aaron and Eliz. Beale, Oct 30, 1832 That pretty much indicates that Aaron was born bef 1805. The second entry is for a younger Aaron rather than a second marriage for Nancy's husband. Nancy outlived Aaron, as will be seen below. I went through Reference 1 for every thing on Aaron, Absolom and William J. that was not as a witness, testator or done in an official capacity like a J.P. p 53 "Richmond Co, Georgia Wills, 1798-1840" MURPHY, EDMOND--Page 324--Sons, James, Nicholas, Alex., Leroy, dau Nancy Rhodes, children of Mary R ayney, wife of Chas. Rayney, Maria Brown, wife of Samuel Brown, Vicy Hull, two children, minors. Elizabeth Ann Murphy, unmarried. Sons Nicholas and Alex Excrs. Signed Dec. 16, 1826. Probated Dec. 24, 1827. Wit: Alex. Avret, John Brandon, P.H. Mantz, J.P. NOTE: This indicates that Nancy was alive as late as Dec. 1827, since there was no mention of a special proceeding to establish who would be her legal heirs at law for this bequest from her father, as there should be if she died before she inherited. Do McTYEIR, MARY--Page 336--To the children of Edmond Murphey, dec'd, to wit: Nicholas, Mary Rainey (wife of Charles Rainey) Maria Brown (wife of Samuel Brown, Alex, Elizabeth Ann Evans (wife of Robert Evans), Leroy H., land in Burke Co., share equally. To the children of my brother Absolom Rhodes, to wit: John A., Elizabeth W. (wife of Richard B. Day), Aaron,Nancy B., Mary B., Lavina and Caroline Cornelia Smelt, slaves. To Mrs. Sarah Rhodes, Menomia J. Ligon, Wm. J. Rhodes and Lavina Carswell, $50.00 each. Bro. Absolom Rhodes, nephew John A. Rhodes, Excrs. Signed May 7,1829. Probated Jan. 3, 1831. Wit: John Mann, Almond Day, A.R. Ralston. At this point, you may have noticed that I totally misread this last entry when I sent you Episode 3! p 58 RHODES, LEWIS B.--Page 466--To wife Mary all estate for life, or until youngest son Hiram Rhodes is 21, other children not named. James D. Haymie, Absolom W. Rhodes, Excrs. Signed Dec. 12, 1835. Probated Aug. 1, 1836. Wit: Jonathan Huff, Thos. B. Rhodes, Robt. White. Do RHODES, AARON--Page 489--Property to be equally divided, half to "my wife" half to my three children to wit: Mary Louisa, Charles and Martha Elizabeth. Father Absolom Rhodes, brother John A. Rhodes, Excrs. Signed Mar. 26, 1838. Probated Jan. 7, 1839. Wit: Henry Johnson, James E. Cashin, Thos. Beale. p 119 "Administrators and Guardians Bonds, Divisions of Estates, Etc., 1777-1830" RHODES, AARON, dec'd, Dec. 20, 1805--Absolom Rhodes, app Admr. John Rhodes, Frizzell McTyre, Sec. Sale Apr. 12, 1806. Purchasers: Mrs. Nancy Rhodes, Lavina and Wm. Rhodes, and Sampson Lamkin. Do RHODES, JOHN, dec'd, Jan 6, 1808--Mary Rhodes, app. Admx. Absolom Rhodes, John Willcox, Sec. Property rented Mar. 26, 1808 at Bedford, late residence of the dec'd. Farm and slaves rented by Mrs. Rhodes, house by Wm. Rhodes. p 120 RHODES, ABSOLOM--Jan. 7, 1812--app. guardian of Sarah Rhodes, minor orphan of John Rhodes, dec'd. Wm. Rhodes, Sec. Jan. 6, 1812--Kindred Bobo, app. guardian for Biram Bobo Rhodes, Hiram, Panela [sic], Susannah Matilda and Minima Murphy Rhodes, minor orphans of John Rhodes, dec'd. p 121 RHODES, ABSOLOM, JR., dec'd, Oct. 30, 1819-- Sarah Rhodes, Admx. Acct. Sales--A. Rhodes, Sarah and Levi Rhodes, purchasers. Returns for 1821 shows corn, etc., bought of Absolom Rhodes, Sr. p 326 "Minutes of the Inferior Court-- Book No. 3, 1810-1813" Jan. 6, 1812--Absolom Rhodes, app guardian of Sarah Rhodes at her request--Kindred Bobo, app. guardian of Bixam [sic] Bobo Rhodes at his request. Kindred Bobo, app. by court guardian of Hiram Bobo Rhodes, Pamela Rhodes, Susannah Matilda, and Minnina [sic] Murphy Rhodes, all orphan children of John Rhodes, dec'd. These records seem to agree with what the editors of GRAVE MARKERS said, don't they, except that the correct Aaron died in 1805, rather than being born then. ============================= Episode 5 - Finish up on the family of Robert Allen IV There is a discrepancy between the DAR records as to the marriages of Elisha Anderson, Sr. and the cemetery records in Ref. 14.It is said he married 4 times. His first wife was Elvina Brack, d/o Eleazer and Esther Brack. She prob b. 1750-1760 (est by the birth years given for her husband, father and probable birth of her daughter). In Episode 3, I said it appeared from Eleazer Brack's will that she was still alive as late as April 5, 1802. At this point, I'm not certain why her father named her when he wrote his will in October, 1801, rather than her heirs, children, or however it may be phrased. But, going by the approximate ages of Elisha, Sr's later children, it now appears that Elvina (Brack) Anderson d. bef 1790. The editors' notes in Ref. 14 state that Elizabeth was the only child of Elisha, Sr. and Elvina. Perhaps here I should say that the editors started with cemetery inscriptions copied abt 1936 by an early area historian, rechecked the inscriptions themselves in the years preceeding 1974, and cross-checked them with available Bible records, family recollections, and newspaper articles and obituaries when available. Elizabeth Anderson prob b. 1770-1780, based on the date of her marriage to Robert Allen IV (13 June 1796 - bond; 15 June 1796 - marriage). The DAR entry then shows the second wife of Elisha Anderson, Sr. as Miss Caldwell. I was unable to find anything on this woman, other than the editors of Ref. 14 believe she may be in one of the unidentified graves in the Rhodes-Allen Cemetery (Episode 3 - 14:198-99). Then the DAR records list Mrs. Sarah (Halzendorf) Rheny. It is here that records start getting confused. The cemetery entries in Ref. 14 give the name of the mother of Elisha, Sr.'s children as MARY Holzendorf, and at one point as Mary (Holzendorf) Rheny! I could find nothing definite. Rheney children do come into the Anderson records, but it is in the next 2 generations. Then there is this entry: [6:3] ANDERSON, Mrs. Sarah, 40 yrs, wife Elisha Anderson of Burke Co., d. 9/3/1805. AH 10/10/1805; AC 10/12/1805. [AH = Augusta Herald; AC = Augusta Chronicle.] This woman would be in the right time frame to be the 4th wife-- maybe a sister of Mary? Mary herself would have been b. prob 1760-1770. She was the mother of 4 children, per headstones in Burke Co: Elisha Anderson, Jr., b. abt 1790, based on the fact that he m. 1811 to Jane H. McCullers. Most of his family was already sent in Episode 3 - [14:311-12] McCullers-Anderson Cemetery. James Anderson, Sr., [14:3] ANDERSON FAMILY CEMETERY Anderson, Georgia Ringgold Apr 15 1847 Jul 24 1848 Anderson, James, Sr. Dec 15 1793 Mar 24 1854 f/o James, Jr., John M., Augustus h., Elizabeth M., Rosa V.,& Ella E. WILL BK A, 144-151. Anderson, John Miller Sep 23 1832 Feb 28 1854 d Tampa, Fla. Anderson, Lawrence Ludlow Apr 14 1817 Mar 15 1818 Anderson, Malvina P. age 56 y 7m Mar 4 1865 2nd w/o James, Sr. WILL BK A, 250-251. [NOTE: This couple m. aft July, 1843.] Anderson, Mary Ann Nov 22 1827 Jne 17 1851 Anderson, Mrs. Sarah Dec 14 1793 Jul 18 1843 1st w/o James, Sr. [NOTE: This couple m. abt 1813-14.] Anderson, Susan Augusta Polk age 5m 26d Aug 4 1851 Anderson, William Sep 22 1822 Mar 15 1834 s/o James & Sarah Bradley, Jonas age 57 y Dec 11 1815 Augustus Harcourt Anderson, b. abt 1797 Rosa S. Anderson, (1799 - 1851), m. Dr. Baldwin Buckner Miller. Their family was treated in Episode 3. She was previously m. to John Morrison, and they had two children, Sarah and Robert. She had 4 children with Dr. Miller, two infants not named, Frances and B.B., Jr. After her death, Dr. Miller m. Cornelia E. Polhill, 1834-1922 d/o Rev Joseph and Julia (Guion) Polhill, and with her had eight more children. ___________________________ I have only located 3 children of William J. Rhodes and Martha Allen: Martha Rhodes (1822-1841) bur Rhodes-Allen Cem. Robert A. Rhodes (1835?-1860) also bur Rhodes-Allen Cem. The Mrs. Mary J. Rhodes bur there appears to be his wife'though I have not located a marriage for them. Evelena Rhodes (1829-1867). She m. 1846 James W. Allen, who I have not placed. The following are their PROBABLE children Martha Allen, [4:38] Burke Co Marr, 1855-1869 CLARK, Edward and M.B. Allen 27 Feb 1868 [14:113] Hephzibah Cem., Richmond Co., Ga. Clark, Edward Percival Dec 2 1869 Mar 12 1952 s/o M.A. & Chas. E. Clark, Essie May Mar 31 1880 Feb 19 1961 d/o M.A. & Chas. E. Clark, Eva Edwina Apr 16 1876 May 22 1896 Clark, Martha Allen Jul 15 1848 May 13 1911 w/o Chas. Edw. [14:58] Brothersville Cem., Richmaond Co., Ga. Clark, C. Edward Oct 31 1838 Jne 29 1883 _______________ William Rhodes Allen, [14:111] Hephzibah Cem., Richmond Co., Ga. Allen, William Rhodes Jne 19 1849 Jul 23 1909 _______________ [14:57] Brothersville Cem., Richmond Co., Ga. Allen, James Apr 5 1859 Sep 14 1913 Allen, Milburn Alexander Jul 27 1852 Mar 27 1877 s/o Rev. Jas. W. & Ebbie _______________ Mary Lena Allen, [your records] m. 1871 Daniel Richard Allen (b abt 1849), s/o Elisha and Jean-ette (Evans) Allen. No possible children have been located other than the one you show: Jeanette Evelena Allen, [14:126] Hephzibah Cem., Richmond Co. Walker, Lena Allen 1879 1914 w/o Curran Evans [14:59] Brothersville Cem., Richmond Co. Walker, Curran E. Mar 5 1864 Jne 8 1914 [Curran Evans Walker was prob s/o William E.Walker (1841-1897) and S. Eleanora (Evans) Walker, both bur Brothersville Cem. _______________ William J. Rhodes m. Mariah Crawford 1847 as per the bond entries sent in Episode 1. ___________________________ Edmund Palmer, b abt 1797 [your records] m. Jane Allen 1819 (Epis. 1). Jane d. bef July, 1837 (remarriage of Edmund - Epis. 1). Edmund was still living at the time of the Burke Co Tax List of 1855. No graves have been located for either Edmund or Jane. [13:449] 1830 Census, Burke Co, GA, 67th Dist. Edmund Palmer 1 m (30-40) Edmund 1 m (15-20) 2 m ( 5-10) John & Robert 1 m (under 5) James E. ? 1 f (20-30) Jane 1 F ( 5-10) [NOTE: I did not copy slave entries.] [13:480] 1840 Census, Burke County, GA, 67th Dist. Edmund Palmer 1 m (40-50) Edmund 2 m (15-20) John & Robert 1 m (10-15) James E. ? 1 f (20-30) Laura (new wife, md 1837) 1 f (under 5) Laura's baby, Laura [13:630] 1850 Census, Burke County, GA, 67th Dist. #801-Palmer, Edm. 53 Farmer Real Est: 10,000 b.Ga. , Laura 38 Ga. , John 27 Physician Ga. , Robert 25 Farmer Ga. , Laura 12 Ga. , Margaret 10 Ga. , Julia 6 Ga. , Newton 5 Ga. , Sarah 4 Ga. , Alexander 2 Ga. , Infant 3 mo F Ga. In addition to the children listed in the above censuses, there was at least one other that belonged to Jane: [14:233] Waynesboro Confederate Memorial Cem Corker, Stephen A. CSA May 7 1830 Oct 18 1879 m. Margaret M. Palmer d/o Jane Allen & Edmund Palmer (and a sis/o Prof. James E. Palmer of Emory College). f/o Palmer L. (founder of 1st Nat'l Bank of Waynesboro), Frank G. (a banker in Dublin), and Stephen broker in new Orleans). Capt. Co A 3rd Ga Regt ANV. Captured at Gettysburg. Atty-at-law. Member of Forty-first U.S. Congress. WILL BK A, 428. See memorial to him in MINUTES OF THE BURKE SUPERIOR COURT, BK H, 1877-1880, 433-34. After his death, his wife md Judge Weaver, Madison, Ga. She is buried at Madison. (ed.) ___________________________ Alexander Murphey m. Elizabeth Allen 22 Jan 1823. Elizabeth may be buried in the Rhodes-Allen Cem. She d. bef Nov., 1827. She may have died in childbirth. From the censuses below, it does not appear that Elizabeth left any children. Alexander m.2, Eliza Kindlaw (this is the correct spelling of her name - I didn't catch the mistake before!) on 15 Nov 1827. Alexander s/o Edmund and Nancy (Rhodes) Murphey. [13:441] 1830 Census, Burke Co., GA Alex. Murphey 1 m (20-30) Alexander 1 m (15-20) 1 f (20-30) Eliza (Kinlaw) 1 f (under 5)Eliza's baby? [13:500] 1840 Census, Burke Co., GA Alexander Murpree [sic] 1 m (30-40) Alexander 1 m ( 5-10) Robert (m.i.="A." 1855 Tax list) 1 m (under 5)William 1 f (30-40) Eliza ? 1 f ( 5-10) Baby from above ? Eliza must have died in between these censuses. There is a new name for the wife, which could be Eliza's second name (?). There is also a gap in the ages of the children, which indicates a broken family, and "new" older children that indicate a step-family situation. Alexander's third marriage must have been to the widow, Mrs. Margaret Jones abt 1842-43. [13:620] 1850 Census, Burke Co., GA Murphree, Alex.[sic] 45 Farmer Real Est:4800 b.Ga. [1805] , Margaret 47 SC [1803] , Robert 17 Ga. [1836] , William 14 Ga. [1836] , Margaret T. 6 Ga. [1844] , Caroline E. 4 Ga. [1846] Jones , Sarah J. 12 Ga. [1838] Jones , Henrietta S. 10 Ga. [1840] Stokes , Martha 74 [Margaret's mother ?] [1776] [14:120] HEPHZIBAH CEM. Murphey, Sarah Jones Jul 24 1837 Jul 17 1923 b Burke d Hephzibah w/o Wm. R. [NOTE: This is the step-daughter of Alexander, as shown above; is the Wm R. she is married to the s/o Alexander? No grave entry was found for him.] [14:189] MURPHEY FAMILY CEM, Jenkins Co, GA. Murphey, Alexander Apr 8 1801 Dec 24 18__ [stone chipped] Murphey, Caroline Eliza Aug 14 1846 Oct 2 1866 Murphey, Margaret Jul 1805 Nov 6 1885 [14:189] MURPHEY FAMILY CEM, Hephzibah, Richmond Co., GA Bullard, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Oct 26 1826 Jul 29 1851 w/o Needham d/o Nancy Carswell & Nicholas Murphey (s/o Edmund by his second marriage). Clark, p 30. Evans, Robert H. age 52 y Jul 20 1856 d at his residence in Richmond Co. h/o Elizabeth Ann Murphey, who was a d/o Nancy Rhodes & Edmund Murphey. Clark, pp.30 & 33. McTyre, Mary 1763 Nov 20 1830 Note: Clark, p 40, refers to a Holland McTyre who served as a judge of the Richmond Co. Inferior Court in the 1820's. Mary may have been a part of his family. (ed.) [She was his wife according to Richmond Co records.--SJY] Murphey, Edmund Rev War Nov 24 1745 Dec 10 1827 m1 Betsey Ann Gibbs, issue James & Nancy Ann m. Aaron Rhodes; m2 Nancy, sister of Absolom, Sr. & Aaron Rhodes; issue 5 sons and 5 daughters. For Edmund and his descendants, see Clark, pp 26-34 and Woodson, Hortense (ed), CHARLES MAY AND HIS DESCENDANTS, (May Family Association, Edgefield, SC, 1956 ed.) Murphey, Nancy Feb 10 1787 Mar 20 1819 1st w/o Nicholas md Feb 7 1805 d/o Mr. & Mrs. Collins. Clark, p 30. Murphey, Nancy Rhodes May 30 1764 Aug 12 1825 2nd w/o Edmund md Feb 10 1785 m/o Five sons and five daughters. See Clark, pp 28 & 30. NOTE: The rest of the cemetery is full of the families of Absolom, Jr., etc. The last entry is: Rhodes, Mrs. Nancy Ann age 47 y Oct 26 1822 w/o Aaron d/o Edmund Murphey by his 1st marriage. m/o of William & Lavina. Clark, pp47-49. Note that Clark places her death at Oct 6, 1833.(ed.) ___________________________ I mentioned than I had found no marriage for Rose Allen and Benjamin Wooding. I still haven't, but did find: [13:567] 1850 Census, Burke Co., GA, 65th Dist. #231 Wooding, Benj. L. 34 Farmer Real Est: 2000 b. SC [1816] , Rosina 32 GA [1818] , John R. 13 GA [1837] , Edward B 11 GA [1839] , Mary E. 9 GA [1841] , Martha J. 7 GA [1843] , James E. 3 GA [1847] , Hugh L. 10 mo GA [1849] [NOTE: This couple prob m. abt 1836.--SJY] [4:43] Burke Co Marriages, 1855-1869 McCullough, John T. and Mary E. Wooding 29 Dec 1859 [NOTE: No other Wooding marriages found.--SJY] ___________________________ Robert Anderson Allen b. abt 1800-1804, per ages given in various censuses. He m1 15 Jan 1829 Richmond Co, GA Priscilla M. Ward. She b. c.1807 d.1835. [14:3] ALLEN CEMETERY [a single grave] Allen, Priscilla M. Ward age 28 y May 13 1835 w/o Robt. A. 5 m 8 d I think she may have been the mother of 2 sons: Robert A., b. abt 1831-32, and Francis Marion, b. abt 1829-30. [13:378] 1820 Census, Burke Co. [See Episode 2] [13:446] 1830 Census, Burke Co., GA, 66th Dist. Robert A. Allen 1 m (20-30) Robert A., Sr. 2 m (under 5) Robert A. & Francis M. 1 f (20-30) Priscilla [13:492] 1840 Census, Burke County, GA, 59th Dist. Robert A. Allen 1 m (40-50) Robert A., Sr. 2 m (20-30) ? no white females Robert A. is not listed in Burke Co in the 1850 Census. Perhaps he had returned to Richmond Co. His second marriage, to Mrs. Caroline Walker, widow of Benjamin, has not been found. Nor has the death or burial of Benjamin Walker. [13:630] 1850 Census, Burke Co., GA, 67th Dist. #798 Allen,Francis M. 21 Farmer Real Est. 8500 b.GA [1829] , Anna M. 22 GA [1828] , Francis M. 1 GA [1849] [14:2] ALLEN FAMILY CEMETERY, Allen, Anna Margaret Evans Feb 15 1828 Feb 9 1858 w/o Francis Marion, Sr. CSA Co D 48th Reg Ga Inf; Killed at Gettysburg Allen, Anthoney Marion 1962 1962 s/o John H. & Delores Allen, Edna Daisy Apr 28 1875 Mar 4 1927 w/o Elisha Allen, Elisha A. Mar 29 1864 Feb 14 1923 Allen, Fannie Greiner Jne 22 1856 Aug 20 1900 w/o William W. Allen, Francis Marion Nov 5 1880 Jne 10 1972 s/o Robert Anderson Allen, Henry E. Feb 16 1852 Feb 21 1852 s/o Francis & Anna M. Allen, Jefferson B. Jne 29 1884 Mar 3 1920 Allen, Mabel A. Jan 29 1884 Feb 13 1961 w/o Jefferson Allen, Patricia A. Aug 23 1958 Sep 21 1969 d/o John H. & Delores Allen, Robert A. WW-II Mar 16 1926 Aug 31 1969 s/o Daphne A. & Francis M. Ga PFC USA Allen, William Wirt Aug 30 1850 Feb 4 1908 s/o Anna M. & Francis M. Daniel, Louis J. nd nd Rheney, Pauline Allen 1854 1882 d/o Anna M. & Francis M. _______________ [14:78] COSNAHAN FAMILY CEMETERY, Richmond Co, GA Allen, Elisha A. Jan 23 1900 L [living in 1974] Allen, Evans A. Jan 17 1935 Mar 14 1964 s/o Elisha & Vonnie Allen, Vonnie E. Cosnahan Jne 12 1902 L [Remainder of this cemetery is full of Cosnahan family graves.This cemetery is one of five just across McBean Creek which is the boundary line between Richmond and Burke counties. These Allens may be descendants of Elisha A.,s/o Robert IV.] [14:79] CROCKETT FAMILY CEMETERY, Richmond Co., GA [just across McBean Creek] Allen, Hiram Nott Nov 10 1881 Dec 31 1881 s/o Francis M. & Jane E. Allen, Infant only date Mar 27 1883 d/o Francis M. & Jane E. [NOTE: Remaining graves are Crockett family. Last entry is Nott, Walter S. Feb 18 1811 Feb 2 1868.--SJY] [14:82] FRIENDSHIP METHODST CEMETERY Allen, William Jefferson Sep 9 1911 Oct 1 1958 s/o Jefferson & Mabel ___________________________ Elisha A. Allen married Jeanette (or Janet) L. Evans, daughter of Daniel J. Evans, (see Epis. 2 for Evans in 1820 Census.) [13:630] 1850 Census, Burke Co., GA, 67th Dist. #799 Allen, Elisha E.[sic]36 Farmer Real Est:8500 b.GA [1814] , Jennet J. 28 GA [1822] , Robt H. 9 GA [1841] , Elisha E. 7 GA [1843] , Anne E. 5 GA [1845] , Daniel R. 1 GA [1849] Rheney , Charles E. 25 Overseer GA Sills , Thomas (M) 29 Carpenter, GA Sills , Joseph (M) 23 Laborer, GA Your records show the youngest son as David. One would have to go to the original (or microfilm copy) of the census to see which is correct. ============================= References 1. Davidson, Grace Gillam, (comp.), HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS OF THE GEORGIA CHAPTERS, DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION: VOL II - RECORDS OF RICHMOND CO, GA, FORMERLY ST. PAUL'S PARISH, (The Mcgregor Co., Athens, GA, 1929) 2. Personal family records. 3. McCall, Mrs. Howard, (comp.), ROSTER OF REV SOLDIERS IN GEORGIA Vol III, (Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1969) use w/ caution! 4. Lucas, Rev. Silas Emmett, Jr., (comp.), SOME GEORGIA COUNTY RECORDS, VOL 4:BEING SOME OF THE LEGAL RECORDS OF BURKE, BUTTS, COLUMBIA, EMANUEL,GREENE, HANCOCK, JASPER, MORGAN, AND RICHMOND COUNTIES, GEORGIA, ( Southern Historical Press, Inc., Greenville, SC, 1991) 5. Carter, Mary, (comp.), GEORGIA REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIERS, SAILORS, PATRIOTS & DESCENDANTS, Vol II, (Georgia Pioneers Publications, Albany, GA, 6. Warren, Mary Bondurant, as in previous letter under William Allen marriage. 7. Maddox, Joseph T., and Mary Carter, (comp.), NORTH CAROLINA REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIERS, SAILORS, PATRIOTS AND DESCENDANTS, Vol II, (Georgia Pioneers Publications, Albany, GA, n.d.) 8. DAR, PATRIOT INDEX: CENTENNIAL EDITION: Part I, (Washington, D.C., 1990), no page numbers. 9. DAR, ABSTRACTS OF REVOLUTIONARY WAR PENSION FILES, Vol I, A-E (1994). 10.The Augusta Chronical, dates given at specific entry; will be shortened to AC. 11.Hitz, Alex M., (comp.), AUTHENTIC LIST OF ALL LAND LOTTERY GRANTS MADE TO VETERANS OF THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR BY THE STATE OF GEORGIA, (State of Georgia, Atlanta, 1955) 12. Knight, Lucian Lamar, (comp.), GEORGIA'S ROSTER OF THE REVOLUTION,(Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1967) 13. Davis, Robert Scott, Jr., and Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr., THE FAMILIES OF BURKE COUNTY, 1755-1855, A CENSUS, (Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC, 1981) 14. Powell, Lillian Lewis, Dorothy Collins Odom and Albert M. Hillhouse, (comps.) GRAVE MARKERS IN BURKE COUNTY, GEORGIA, with thirty-nine cemeteries in four adjoining counties, (The Chalker Publishing Company,Waynesboro, GA, 1984)

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